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Nanjing Co-Energy Optical Co Ltd( COE Optics) has been a leading manufacturing supplier of optics and optical components to industry in the world. Led by a staff of skilled optical engineers and technicians , COE Optics is application focused and pursues new ways to implement optical technology, enabling advancements in semiconductor manufacturing, industrial metrology,  analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy and medical instrumentation, aerospace and so on. Our precision products improve efficiencies & yields and are used in test & measurement quality assurance applications, the automation of manufacturing processes, and research.

Our capabilities include but not only on:

· High Precision Plane Optics/Sphere Optics

· CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Grinding and Polishing

· Sapphire Optics Manufacturing (0.5 to400 mm Diameter)

· Sub-assembly

· All products are made according to USA MIL-O-13830A and ISO 10110 with advanced inspection devices, including Lambda 900 Spectrophotometer, Zygo Interferometer, established strict quality control systems; thusly our products hold superior reputation in this industry worldwide.

· COE Optics has reviewed the manufacturing processes associate with all parts to ensure that they do not induce substances restricted by Directive 2011/65/EU and RoHS.

· COE Optics is honored to serve and to play a role in the work of process analysis, manufacturing processes, security and detectors etc. through the products that COE Optics provides. COE Optics has grown into an integral part of the photonics community. COE Optics will continue to foster the forward movement of photonics in cooperation with the amazing community of engineers we are privileged to serve.