Sapphire Tips

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Sapphire tips are mainly used for dental lasers with ER: YAG for 2940nm. When performing a procedure with an Er:YAG laser and a contact sapphire tip with the intention of cutting calcified biologic tissues (teeth and bone), the major clinical advantage of an Er:YAG laser for dental applications is its ability to ablate teeth and bone with minimal thermal damage.

Sapphire pistons are used in HPLC pump.

Material Optical grade sapphire
Diameter 0.5mm~300mm
Conial Diameter ≥0.1mm
Diameter tolerance 0.005 mm
Surface Quality 10/5
Perpendicularity 30’


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sapphire tips D1.3*14*.8
sapphire tips D1.3*17
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.2
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.3
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.4
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.5
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.6
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.7
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.8
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.9
sapphire tips D1.3*17*0.10
sapphire tips D1.5*15
sapphire pistons D3.175*30
sapphire pistons D6.525*60
sapphire pistons D9.525*120
sapphire pistons D2*93
sapphire pistons D2*97
sapphire pistons D3.175*152