COE OPTICS is a manufacturer in Sapphire optics. Our Sapphire windows are extremely hard and scratch resistant useful for their (UV) ultraviolet, (VIS) visible and (IR) infrared transmission. The material has excellent thermal conduction and heat radiation, being resistant to common chemical acids and alkaline. Manufactured in a range of sizes and thicknesses it can withstand high pressures and suited for many applications when used as a window in harsh environments. We supply small and production batches accommodating most optical and commercial finishes. Sapphire optical windows are ideal for window applications requiring · Highest strength of all optical window materials except diamond · Most chemically durable optical window material available · Chemical resistance to virtually all chemicals except some molten salts and boiling concentrated HF · Optically transparent from 200nm to 6000nm · High dielectric constant with low loss tangent · Highest melting point of all readily available optical window materials · Resistant to solarization (UV radiation darkening)


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